Thursday, December 27, 2012


Do You Need Healing? God Can Help This Way!

This is some help for you.
Sometime before Christmas, I asked God for a Gift.  I asked Him to give me the Gift of Healing,  especially so that when I lay my hands on a sick person, he will be healed by God, thru the use of my laying-on-hands.
I asked to let me know or give me a sign so that I would know if He gave me that Gift.  This morning between 5:45 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. I felt that which He gave to me.  It came to my hands, I know it did. It was something like I have never felt at any time.  So, I do believe God did hear and answer some prayers and gave me The Gift of Healing.
Jesus told me one time He would help me.
God told me once He could do anything, and that there was not anything too hard or too difficult for Him to do.
I have been a Christian for 63 years and attending Church for 76 years.  I know God and Christ.
The Bible is the Christian belief I have.  The whole Word of God is the Way.  The Bible is open in my home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
God is the Enabling God and that is what He does, He enables a person.
Some of the work I do, is working For God and Christ.  I am authorized to receive gifts and donations, because I am man of God and a Bible Missionary.
Please provide financial support to my work, so that I can be more and do more for Him.
This way here that I will write now will probably be of benefit to those who believe.
If you are sick and need healing and not able to be here in person.  write on sheet of paper,  what the healing is that you need.  Put your name, address, phone number and email address. Put that in an envelope and place it on the 11th Verse in Romans, Chapter 8.  Leave it in there until you go to bed,
and then take it out and place it under your pillow.  In the morning mail that back to me and I will pray for your healing, laying my hands on your request. If you need financial healing, such as healing of your finances, healing of your billfold or healing of your purse,  checking account and/or savings account,  write on a sheet of paper also what that healing is you need,  and I will pray for that request.

More Help:

I can provide a new hankerchief to you.   I will annoit it with Olive Oil.  I will ask God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit to bless it for the purpose in use of healing.  I will bless the new handerchief and pray over it,  asking God and Christ to use it for the purpose of your healing.  I will lay my hands on this
hankerchief asking God to bless these efforts being put forth for your healing.
Also, all I ask in return is a financial gift of only $20.  This amount can be in Cash, if you wish.
This is a way of planting that surely will be used successfully in your healing of your sickness.

I accept U. S. personal checks and Cash, that is provided as gifts and donations to my Christian work.
Donald Sander,  Bible Missionary
2810 Concord Lane
Woodward, Oklahoma

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